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Ignore, if you can, the cheesiness of the below video, which was clearly made in Los Angeles judging by the LA-ness of its people. Focus instead on what this DimSong app is doing: altering the way music sounds based on the iPhone's accelerometer, touchscreen, and camera.

Created by VenLabs (based, of course, in Venice, California), whose founder Daniel Lehrich made the DJ's answer to Guitar HeroScratch: The Ultimate DJ, DimSong is a free app for iOS that comes with three electronica songs, with six more available for purchase at a buck a piece. Ignore the music too, unless you like it, in which case, great.

What's so cool about DimSong is the way it joins music to reality. By shaking, touching, or exposing your iPhone or iPod Touch to light, you affect a meter in the center of the screen. The higher that meter goes, the more elements are added to the song. Leaving the phone alone strips out most of the instruments from the song; shaking, touching, or increasing the light level adds more elements, and raises the "intensity, density and energy" of the song.

We're still waiting for someone to build an app that uses the smartphone camera to sync music to our windshield wipers. In the meantime, DimSong will do.

evolver.fm review by Eliot Van Buskirk

Publisher's Description


DimSong is a reactive and adaptive app that creates customized remixes of music based on your input, movement and surroundings. Control the intensity, density and energy of a song in real-time, and enjoy a new way to interact with music!

SHAKE – The music reacts to your movements as you dance, workout, or flick your device. Try using this mode while you go for a run, and listen as the music adjusts it pace to match your workout. Or put the device in your hand and alternate between slow, sustained movement and faster motions. You’ll be amazed at how sensitive and reactive DimSong can be!

LIGHT – DimSong uses the camera to detect the amount of light in your surroundings and adjust the audio accordingly, functioning as a “musical dimmer switch” where more light means more intensity in the music. Try placing the device on a table and turning off and on the lights in your room!

TOUCH – An on-screen slider lets you control the mix manually. Be the DJ as you build up and break down the track with a flick of your finger!

DimSong comes with 3 exclusive, interactive remixes for you to enjoy, and additional tracks are added to the in-app store on a regular basis.


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