Didiom Lite


by Didiom LLC


Publisher's Description

Didiom Lite, the free trial version of Didiom Pro, allows you to stream five songs from your computer to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Want unlimited access to your songs, podcasts, audiobooks, and playlists? Want the ability to shuffle your music over 3G or Wi-Fi? Get Didiom Pro for only $9.99 a year. To get started, download Didiom Desktop to your Windows-based computer from www.didiom.com/desktop, set up an account, and select the folders you use to store your audio files. For step-by-step setup instructions, please visit www.didiom.com/getstarted. When the desktop application is up and running, download Didiom Lite to your iPhone or iPod Touch, sign in to your Didiom account, and you're ready to stream.

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