Cover Art Downloader (Donate)


by Birbeck


Publisher's Description

The easiest and fastest album art grabber for Android. What can make Android's best album art grabber better?

For your generous donation, I offer you these exclusive features: •

  • ID3 tagging of album cover art to mp3 files • 
  • Automatic background downloading of album art when new music is detected 
  • You can enable these features in the Cover Art Downloader preferences after installing. 


Thank you for your support. Note: Cover Art Downloader currently is not compatible with Google Music 3.0 on Gingerbread 2.3.4 and Honeycomb 3.0+. An update will be coming shortly. Note: This is a launcher frontend for Cover Art Downloader, you will need to also have the free version installed. Click "View more applications" below to install if you have not already.

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