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by Clever and Son

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Instantly create as many dynamic playlists as you like and turn your iPad into the ultimate multi-user juke box. Couch Player is the music playback app your iPad has been crying out for, and brings incredible new levels of personalization and organization to your digital music library.


When the iPad was first shown on stage, this was done from the comfort of a couch. This cleverly highlighted the device’s effectiveness as a living room companion for the whole family, and the Couch Player music app follows this founding principle of the iPad.

For such a powerful multimedia device, the iPad is sorely lacking a complete and feature-rich music player app. Equipping your iPad with Couch Player turns it into a dynamic and intelligent wireless juke box that puts your entire music library at your fingertips.

Bring your music into the living room -- and your everyday life -- by harnessing the power and functionality of Couch Player.


Queues are dynamically-created playlists that form the beating heart of Couch Player. Simply swipe a song from your iPad’s music library into a Queue to build personalized playlists on-the-fly. Couch Player allows you to create and keep as many Queues as you want, making them immediately available for playback at any time. Perfect for the whole family, allowing each member to create and access their own Queues instantly, offering a depth of personalization and organization that your music library has never known.


Couch Player’s control panel is always at your fingertips, allowing you to fast-forward and rewind using its beautifully responsive slider bar. Play, pause and skip through your music, while simple two-finger gestures move through your Queues seamlessly.


Switch to the Album View in Couch Player to bring your music’s artwork to full-screen, further enhancing the app’s vital role as your living room juke box. Remain fully in control of your music while in the Album View with quick, natural swipe controls.


Continue using iTunes as normal, and your synchronized music library is instantly available within Couch Player, making this the only music player app your iPad will ever need.


• Dynamic creation of in-app playlists, called Queues.

• Intelligent playback controls remain on-screen and accessible at all times.

• Volume fade between operations for an unobtrusive listening experience.

• Sync new music through iTunes as usual.

• Great for parties, music venues, events, personal use and the entire family.

• Create and save as many Queues as you like.

• Gesture controls and a smooth, responsive user interface.

• Turns your iPad into a vital living room juke box for the whole family.


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