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Classical Archives, the largest classical music site in the world, offers two methods to play/explore classical music on its mobile application:

1) Library: (The Greats -or- by Composer Search) which offers all the works we have by each composer. Once you select a work, you can select what performance of that work you want to listen to.

2) Must Know: (By Composer -or- by Period & Genre) which is a list selected by our musicologists of the ~800 most important works of classical music you'll want to be familiar with. Selecting a work will always play the performance from the latest release (as opposed to The Library where you can select the performance.)

Depending on your Classical Archives' status (visitor, member or subscriber), you have complete access to all the complete tracks and works or you may only listen to clips of each track. There is no limit to the number of tracks or works you can play.

This app offers a queuing player: you may enter a complete symphony plus a full opera if you wish. But there is one limit: you may add several works and tracks to the player only as long as the current queue doesn't already contain 20 or more tracks. Each time a track is played, it is removed from the queue and the count goes down.

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