Chordion Conductor


by Olympia Noise Co.


Publisher's Description

Chordion Conductor features a unique interface that is instantly accessible and fun for all ages. Choose from a wide range of chords & scales. Turn on the arpeggiator for instant melody making. Mix together common instruments with the built-in sound engine or turn on MIDI mode to control your favorite synthesizer or sampler. Use all three dimensions to control volume, panning, modulation, and pitch bend.


Instrument Settings

Two timbres with 128 choices each and mix control. Create fun new instruments such as the "Glocku-hachi."

Echo effect with tempo synched delay time, feedback, and filter controls.

MIDI mode


Five arpeggiator patterns - up, down, up/down, down/up, and random

Vertical position controls duration of each note individually

Works great in MIDI mode

Keyboard Settings

Up to 8 octave range

Lowest note control

Up to 8 chord/scales accessible at a time

Huge choice of chords and scales

Motion Controls

Panning, volume, mod wheel can be mapped to up-down, right-left, or forward-backward movements with variable depth

Pitch bend can be controlled by forward or up-down movements with variable depth

Works great in MIDI mode

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Mac $3.99 None
Must have OSX 10.8

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