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Publisher's Description

Celtic Tutor helps you learn Celtic melodies, even if you can't read music!

Playing Irish, Scottish, Breton tunes is great fun at all ages. All you need is a whistle, a guitar, a classical flute, a violin - any instrument will do, even just your voice - and you are ready to dive into this magical musical universe.

Until now, those who do not read music had to find a patient teacher to repeat tunes slowly phrase by phrase... Celtic Tutor will never tire of repeating any part of a melody for you - at any tempo and in any key - so you can learn regardless of your reading skills.

Developed by a professional musician & educator, this app will help you learn new tunes faster than ever before, and improve your technique. It is a fantastic tool for music students of all ages and abilities, and will also help beginners learn to read music.

With Celtic Tutor you start by looping just 1 or 2 bars at a slow tempo. If you do not read music you have the time to work out the fingerings on your instrument by ear - and by following the notes in the app you'll by amazed at how quickly you will progress.

Celtic music is a great introduction to reading music because all the tunes are in easy keys, and the melodies are "modal" (ie the scale/mode used does not change during the tune).

Based on the traditional oral method of learning, Celtic Tutor is built around the concept of "Spiral Learning": start with a single bar at a playable tempo and loop it until you know it by ear, and by heart.

Zoom and Pinch with two fingers on touch screens to change the length of the loop, and swipe with one finger to move the looped section. Before long you will have memorized 8 bars... then 16... and finally the entire melody.

Memorize tunes anywhere - on the bus, at work...

Celtic Tutor comes with 6 tunes and 2 Dorian/Major scale drills, and more tunes, drills, audio and video will be coming very soon.

Main Functions:

Swipe, Zoom and Pinch to loop all or parts of the tune
Change the tempo to suit your ability
Leave gaps between looped sections to practice your inner tempo
Helpful hints and tips to help you learn effectively
Remember which tempo you prefer to practice each tune
Transpose the audio to any key

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