Celtic Harp Lite


by Jason Sommerland


Publisher's Description

Here is your chance to play a beautiful, expressive 8-string folk harp!
(Please note that the paid version has 31 strings!)

You can pluck strings just by touching the screen with one more fingers, or
you can slide your finger(s) across the screen to make a glissando sound.

This is a real instrument - and you can really make music with it!
You don't get just one sound per string, but you get 4 or 5 beautiful sounds per string,
all played on a real harp. If you play at the bottom of the strings, the harp will
be soft and delicate, and if you play at the top of the strings, the harp will pack
more punch. Play in between those two extremes for different loudness. You can
get a lot of variety.

If you know music, you will like the fact that the strings are color coded.
Strings that are tuned to C or C# are colored red and strings that are 
tuned to F or F# are colored blue. Also, the "split" boundary 
(in chord or song mode) is colored green.


- 4 or 5 different sounds per string, linked to the position on the string

- you can change the key

- you can change the scale the harp is tuned to.

- you can set the harp to play chords with your left hand, and melody with your right

- a variety of chords that you can tune the left part of the harp to

- song (hymn) mode: choose a song and just play any of the strings to the right of the
split (green) string, and the harp will play the next note of the song for you. Notes will
change the chord in for the left-hand strings automatically. 
No need to know the notes, just supply the rhythm!

Please note that while I think this app is great, the full (paid) version is even better!
Here's why:

- 31 strings instead of 8. You will get deeper notes and also higher notes.

- more keys 
- more scales
- more chords
- more songs (hymns)

Thanks for looking, and I hope you have a great day!

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This app is free. However, in order to gain access to a more complete instrument an additional purchase must be made.

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