Car Music


by Andrew Wilson


Publisher's Description

"Car Music makes listening to music in your car safer and easier. Car Music is designed to make listening to music in your car safer and easier with custom designed screens, large and easy to press buttons, bluetooth and gesture controls. The Car Music player has a specially designed interface that will let you listen to your tunes in your car easily and safely, for all your Car Tunes give Car Music a try. Full feature list: # Big, easy to use buttons. # Full access to all of your Music divided into Artists, Albums and Playlists # Big friendly Shuffle button, great for quickly getting some tunes going. # Easy to use Homescreen Widget # Large text, brilliant for when in the car. # Inline playlist viewing with just a swipe of the screen. # Sleep timer, just one of the features designed for everyday use. # Lock orientation. Don't like your player constantly changing orientation in your hand? Lock it! # Ability to disable pause when removing headphones. # Last track action select. When a playlist finishes choose what to do, play more from artist, shuffle all tracks or just repeat the current playlist. # Easy to access options with just a swipe of the screen. # Exclude albums from library # Brightness settings/Night Mode for night driving # Shiny reflective surface for your album art # Gingerbread status bar icons # 2 Landscape modes, Album art and Classic large button."

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