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BubbleDS is a Control Point for your Linn DS devices.

With BubbleDS you can easily manage playback, playlist, radio, and switch sources of your devices.

Do not buy this app if you do not own a Linn DS or DS-I Unit (or compatible).


- Supports all Cara devices (including pre Cara 6), Davaar devices (no SongCast support)
- Supports Linn external Preamps connected to a DS device, for volume control
- Honeycomb tablets support
- landscape support
- Now Playing screen with regular playback controls
- standby / mute / repeat / shuffle
- DS volume is controlled with the hardware volume buttons
- Support Internet Radio features of Linn DS. Display dynamic titles
- Tested with many Media Servers (Twonky, Asset UPnP, ...)
- Playlist management. Playlist can be displayed as a list of single tracks or as tracks grouped by album
- Source switching
- Display album art
- Display artist info from Discogs and last.fm (requires official last.fm app)
- Powerful UPnP Search. Search for tracks, albums and artist (support depends on Media Server)
- Bookmarks. Access quickly albums and folders
- Random track lists. Discover forgotten gems in your Library
- Load and save playlists, compatible with KinskyDesktop playlists
- Multiple selection. Anywhere a list of tracks or albums appear you can swipe many of them to apply a common operation (play, enqueue, remove, ...).
- Ability to mute/pause DS on incoming phone call
- sleep Timer
- Download tracks for local playback

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