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The brand new official Boyz II Men App is now available for iPhone & Android. In celebration of our 20th Anniversary we are launching our very 1st Mobile App. We are very excited to have created an interactive information portal that hopefully will bring our more than 60 million fans around the world much closer together. Boyz II Men App Features: Boyz II Men Music Boyz II Men News Updates Fan Wall (Fans can post comments and chat with each other) Instant SMS Alerts as well as Email Alerts (Boyz II Men Alerts can be sent to your phone, even when you are not using the app) Direct Messaging (Users can send each other personal messages inside the app) Features Area (For Contests & Giveaway Info) Shows (Personal Appearances, Concerts and Private event Info) Boyz II Men Group & Individual Photos (Past & Present) Boyz II Men Store (a place to purchase Boyz II Men Merchandise, Music and much more) Direct Facebook & Twitter Access (Users can access their personal twitter and facebook accounts without ever leaving the app) Daily News Updates News update topics: Music World News Sports Entertainment Money Health Technology Live Boyz II Men Twitter & Facebook Feeds Boyz II Men Videos (View Boyz II Men Videos past & present) Live Boyz II Men Video Casts via UStream (Users are sent alerts when LIVE Broadcasts are running) Pre-Recorded Boyz II Men Video Clips (Candid behind the scenes footage) Group Biographies & Discography Built In QR Scanner (A scanner for finding hidden items within the app such as, free music, photos, prizes and more.) User Profile Page (Allows each user to manage & maintain their personal profile page within the app.) Users Gain Points The More They Use The App (Points can be used for discounts on Boyz II Men Merchandise, Free Music, Concert Tickets, VIP Meet & Greets & much much more. Come Join the Boyz II Men S.O.L (Soldierz Of Love) community by DOWNLOADING the Boyz II Men App today.

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