Bionic Ears


by Morphops Software


Publisher's Description

Finally, serious ear training for serious music students.

If you've ever been frustrated that hours of ear training with a computer doesn't translate to results on the bandstand, this app is for you.

Stick your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad on your music stand, grab your instrument and open your ears. Bionic Ears plays intervals and phrases for you to imitate on your instrument, meaning that you're strengthening a direct connection between what your ears hear and what your fingers play. This is, after all, the real goal of ear training.

You can practice with your eyes closed and focus all your attention on the task at hand. More focus means faster improvement.

Bionic Ears listens to what you play in response to its calls. If you imitate correctly, you'll get a new question. If not, the same question will be repeated until you get it right. More importantly, Bionic Ears keeps track of your strengths and weaknesses and works you hardest in the areas where you need it.

With modern technology, we can get back to the traditional way of learning music - by call and response.

This full version of the app contains lesson material for a complete ear training program. Note that if you have an iPod touch 3rd Generation or earlier, you will also need an external microphone to use this app.

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