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Beatrobo: where the party never ends

Beatrobo is an online music community to enjoy music together with your friends. Create your robot and start listening to your favorite songs with your friends! Joining is free and it only takes a minute. 

Design your robot with parts and items.

Create your robots with items you get from listening to music and doing activities in Beatrobo. Your robot will get new items like eyes, mouth, body colors and much more every time you reach a new level. 

Listen and find music instantly with your friends.

Start listening to your favorite songs instantly. Your robot will automatically bring the songs you like, and you can search for songs to add more. Add your friend's robot to start listening to your friend's favorite songs. If you like a song they are playing, add them directly to your playlist in one click. 

Love and shout on your favorite songs.

Love songs by clicking on the love button, and Shout to comment on songs. The comments and loves will be saved, and whenever your friends listen to the same song from you or anybody else, they'll see the same actions and comments at the same time you did these actions on the song.


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You have to log in with your Facebook account in order to use this app, allowing it to see your basic info; your e-mail address; your birthday; your likes; friends' birthdays; friends' likes. In addition, if you want Beatrobo to be able to give and request songs to your friends (optional), it needs permission to post stuff to your Facebook feed.

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