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A trusty new companion in the age of digital music is changing the way iTunes users are expanding their musical libraries. Beathound, an innovative Edmonton-based startup, noses through users' iTunes files to find missing music by their favorite artists.

The process is as simple as the company's easy-to-use website. Regardless of preferred genre or style, music lovers simply upload their iTunes library XML files at While they wait, the free web app uses its proprietary algorithms to scan the files for artists and their works. That information is then cross-referenced with the digital music available by those artists.

While the amount of time it takes depends upon the file size, the end result is the same: a customized e-mail report highlighting music not found in the library by the artists who are.

Music suggestions aren't necessarily limited to recently released selections, either. If an existing artist has digitally published songs or albums available but not found in a user's library, then those recordings are considered new. No matter how current - or not - a library, Beathound provides users with the most up-to-date artist information possible.

While the initial e-mail provides a current snapshot of available musical works from favored artists, Beathound's weekly e-mails keep users abreast of new artist-specific music as it's released. Unlike some weekly music e-mail services, these e-mails are customized to each recipient by artist preference."We're not trying to tell people which musicians to like," said founder and developer Luke Hutscal. "We're just trying to help them find new music to love."

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