Beat Beat Play


by Fat Eel


Publisher's Description


Making beats has never been so easy. Beat Beat Play brings you a new and powerful way of making drum beats while on the go.
Powerful simplicity is the key with an interface designed specifically for the iPhone touch screen. You will be going from scratch to head bobbing in no time at all.


- 1 2 or 4 bars of 16 drum hits each.
- A further 6 Patterns per drum beat - with seamless switching on the fly.
- Quantized Recording and Freestyling on virtual drum pads with Tap Mode. Your recording is saved to the step sequencer.
- Completely editable while playing for instant feedback.
- 3 Record modes when Tapping - Additive, Overwrite and Fix for ultimate versatility.
- Swing and Feeling sliders to make your beats sound less like a robot. Though the robot is fine with us...
- Editable Volume, Pitch, and Alternative Sound for each and every drum hit.
- Triplet Hits to take your beats off the grid. Everything is better in threes.
- Multiple Time Display modes - Bouncing ball - LineSwipe - Light Emitting Diode.
- Export your beats to MIDI for use in your favorite DAW. Accessible through the iTunes App documents folder.

Drum Kits

Base Pack (Free):

-New York - Classic Hip Hop sound. Fo' real.
-Nashville - A clean no-frills rock sound.

Available for purchase (In App):
- Detroit - Sounds for the dance floor. I just want to dance.
- 8-bit City - Retro sounds from gaming's yesteryear.
- London (80s) - Who doesn't want to play the Electric Drums?
- Seattle - Loud Alternative Rock sounds good.
- Berlin - Techno Techno Dance and Techno.

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Additional Drum Kits are available as in app purchases.

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