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Purpose built for hand-held devices, the Backbeater is an easy to use tempo monitoring system. It keeps you on the beat and in time, every time.

Coupled with the Sensor, Headphone Splitter, and Hi-Hat mounting stand [$15-$39 for each] for your iPod or iPhone - available at - the Backbeater App becomes a tempo-monitoring tool of unparalleled accuracy and clarity.

The Backbeater App has a built-in metronome, adjustable sensitivity, and iPod library support so you can play along with your music.

There's no better way for drummers to monitor their tempo, whether they're playing live, in the studio, or just practicing.

It's designed to work with your actual playing set up. The hi-hat mount holds your iPod or iPhone safely out of the way, but where you can see and reach it.

Become better at the fundamental skill of drumming - Keep Ya Tempo! Everywhere, every time.

Available for iOS and coming soon to Android.

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iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad $0.00 None
The hardware required to use this costs $15 to $39 per unit (there are three).

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