Awesome Media Player


by Norvan Gorgi


Publisher's Description

Awesome Media Player is a whole new take on media players. While most other media players try to imitate their desktop counterparts on a small mobile display, AMP takes into account the limitations and unique advantages of Android devices to provide a listening experience like no other.

AMP has an interface that tries to minimize the amount of time that you spend looking down at the screen. In fact, you can use it without ever looking down, which makes it ideal for use while driving. (Not to say that you should distract yourself with AMP while driving though).


-Swipe interface AND old-school buttons. 

-ShuffleLock, the best idea since Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

-Lockscreen widget.

-Homescreen widget.

-Downloads missing album art.

-Read out song info with Text-to-Speech. scrobbling.

-Bookmarking positions on any track. GREAT for audio books and podcasts.

-Music searching. 

-Playlist integration.

Try it out and you’ll realize why thousands of others have picked AMP as their favorite media player!

If you have any questions/comments/bug reports, send them my way! I’m always interesting what users’ thoughts on AMP are.

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