by Gerald Beauregard


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Note: Requires iOS 6. Will crash with iOS 5.

AudioStretch lets you change the playback speed of audio files without changing the pitch and/or change the pitch without changing the speed. Handy for learning music by ear, transcription, or just listening to your music library in a new way.

Unlike most audio time stretching apps, AudioStretch allows you to reduce the speed to zero, so you can "freeze" notes or chords, and can even play backwards at variable speed.

• Simple uncluttered user interface
• Use any song in your iPhone's music library (*)
• Super-easy single-button looping feature
• Plays during fast-forward and rewind for quicker navigation
• Wide range of playback speeds: -200% to +200%
• Freeze notes or chords with 0% play speed

(*) Other than very old iTunes purchases that are protected with FairPlay DRM. Files beyond 1 hour in length will be truncated.

- This version crashes in iOS 5. Please ensure you're using iOS 6 before installing AudioStretch 1.0. The next version will not allow installation on iOS 5 at all.
- iPhone 4 or better recommended. It will likely run on an iPhone 3GS, but performance may not be great.


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