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Publisher's Description

Download 14 compilations of AudioFuel’s music and join our growing community of runners. Premium access allows you to download more than 12 hours of custom written running music with coaching and run to the beat whilst using your iPhone 4 to track your run using inbuilt GPS. Basic access give you access to 2 of the workouts, you get 14 days of Premium access to get you started. After this, for Premium access you can buy a week pass or subscribe monthly, quarterly or yearly and shout your running achievements to Facebook and Twitter.

App Features

Download 14 compilations of custom written running music with coaching

8 timed sessions, 2 interval training programmes and two hour Marathon Training Long Run programmes in three intensity levels

AudioFuel music is composed specifically for running – with a beat to match and drive your stride

AudioFuel comes in 3 intensities suitable for all fitness levels

Track the duration, distance and pace of your run using the inbuilt GPS of iPhone 4

Measure your run distance in kilometres or miles

See a map of your completed run on your iPhone

Share the results of every run via Facebook and Twitter

Share a summary of your collective run totals with the push of 1 button

If you run with a compilation and complete it 25 times, you get to keep that compilation regardless of your subscription status

Export your GPS run data via iTunes to sync your run with run trackers including Endomondo and Runkeeper

Buy a week pass or subscribe monthly, quarterly or for six months or a year.

For All Fitness Levels and Running Goals

Whether you run for fun, or are training for a marathon, there is AudioFuel music to meet your particular fitness level and exercise goals. AudioFuel is used all over the world: from complete novices, to seasoned runners, world champions and Olympians.

Custom Written Music

The music is designed to synchronise the beat of the music with your foot strike; use mid intensity programmes for slower beats, and high intensity for faster beats.

Be it smooth electronica, infectious funk, heavy riffs or slamming techno house, our tunes are designed to give you the right vibe to power your running and keep you feeling good.

With Coaching

Our coaches help you stay focused on running well and, like all the best personal trainers, they will also help to keep you positive and motivated.

Basic Access

Basic access comes with two free programmes; two 20 minute Timed Sessions: Shoot the Breeze and Blaze

Premium Access

With Premium access, you can download the following programmes direct to your iPhone:

- Marathon Training Long Run Programmes: 2 hours, in three intensity levels

- Interval Training Sessions: in two intensity levels

- Timed Running Sessions: in three intensity levels, 20, 30, 40 and 60 minutes in duration.

GPS Run Tracking

As well as providing you with our programmes, the App uses GPS to track your time, distance, pace and calories and records your workout on a map for you to review after your run. 

Connect with Facebook and Twitter

Your run totals are stored locally on your iPhone and you can share your achievements by shouting your run results to the world via Twitter and Facebook. 

Use With your Current Run Tracker

The app allows you to export GPX files via iTunes to sync your run with Garmin, Runkeeper, Endomondo and other GPX import enabled run logging services.

Earn Free AudioFuel

When you run with a compilation and complete it 25 times you get to keep that particular compilation whether you have Premium access or not.

Please note:

For best results use on an iPhone 4

Use of GPS run tracking is battery intensive. 

Download music over wifi before setting off on a run.

Download For

Purchase PriceMonthly
iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad $0.00 None
The app is free; music packages are available for varying prices. Examples: AudioFuel Running Club $2.99; AudioFuel Running Club $27.99; AudioFuel Running Club $14.99 Week Pass $0.99

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