Audio Concert Pro


by Hario


Publisher's Description

Headset/Earphone/Bluetooth sound volume auto-manager Audio Concert for U. This is Headset/Earphone/Bluetooth audio volume auto-manager. Whenever headset/earphone plug or unplug, Audio Concert automatically detect and save/control your sound volume of Android. [Usage scenarios for example] 1. At normal : All sounds output normally. 2. At normal + silent / vibrate mode : Silent EX Mode apply > all sound volume level 0 except for Voice call. 3. At Headset or Bluetooth connection : Headset Etiquette Mode apply (automatically switch to silent or vibrate mode) > all sound volume level 0 except for Media, Alarm, Voice call. [key features] * Automatic Volume Control. * Headset Etiquette Mode : If you plug your headset, Audio Concert automatically change ringer mode of phone from normal to vibrate. * Silent EX Mode : If you want to mute media or alarm volume on silent or vibrate mode, activate Silent EX Mode. and it's only affected at normal state. * It's support Bluetooth Headset(HFP, HSP, A2DP, AVRCP).

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