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"Would a bass or guitar player ever get on stage without tuning their instrument?" The answer is no! So why would a vocalist do the same?


Warm up your vocal instrument for the stage and the studio just like the pros do with the new app from well-known vocal teachers Susan Carr and Wolf Carr.


Susan's clients have included Mastodon, Alice in Chains, Minus the Bear, Biohazard & Sunny Day Real Estate. 


Wolf's clients have included Modest Mouse, Yacht, The Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear and Yob.


The Art of Screaming – Create your own Vocal Warm-up includes over 25 instructional videos, plus a piano accompaniment for each vocal exercise. You can choose from beginning, intermediate, and advanced exercises.


Vocal exercise categories include:

-Head Exercises

-Head Belt Exercises

-Chest Exercises

-Falsetto Exercises

-Blending Exercises

-Controlling Air Flow Exercises

-Strength Exercises

-A Breathing Exercises Section to begin your warmup routine

-A Bonus Scream Section that includes low screams, nasal distortion screams, and high screams

-Plus a S.O.S section if your voice is in trouble and you need tips


Add any exercise to your personalized warm-up playlist and get ready to begin training your voice like a pro.



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