by Kai Aras


Publisher's Description

Ambify - the Hue enabled jukebox turns music into light using Philips Hue Smart Bulbs. 


Being the first of it's kind, Ambify combines the simplicity of a jukebox with the endless new possibilities offered by Philips' Hue System. 


It's a s simple as starting the app, selecting your lamps and choosing a playlist. 

Ambify then applies our nifty algorithms to analyse and visualise your music in real-time using the lamps you've previously selected. 


Here's a short overview: 

* Beautifully designed music player 

* Universal - looks great on iPhone and iPad

* Access music in your iPod library

* Real-world music visualizer using Philips' Hue 

* Just works - smart algorithms adapt to your music 

* FX Section - tweak visualizer settings as you like 

* AirPlay - use the visualizer while sending music to an AppleTV or other AirPlay device - no problem! 



* a Philips Hue starter-kit (or advanced setup) is required for music visualisation 

* Ambify works best with the following devices: 

iPad2, iPad3, iPad4 or iPad mini

iPhone4s, iPhone5 or iPodTouch 5thGen


Older devices may be too slow for Ambify to work correctly. 


Disclaimer: Ambify is not affiliated with or endorsed by Philips in any way.

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