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by Johannes Borchardt


Publisher's Description

"Beautiful and simple voice recorder. Manage all your voice recordings. AL Voice Recorder is a beautiful but simple voice recorder which is improved continuously. Features include: * Record as 3gp or wav (up to 41 KHz) * Send voice record via e-mail * Set voice record as ringtone * Manage Voice records * No limitations * Many more For options like deleting a voice record, sending a voice record via e-mail, renaming a voice record or setting a voice record as ringtone, longpress the file in the file explorer. For settings, please open the menu and select 'preferences'. Here you can set your file format, the default name for your voice record, set to show the date your voice record was recorded, choose to repeat your record, or set options to show on short press. *** This Voice Recorder is fully featured and ad free. If you want to try it out first, please query 'AL Voice Recorder' first. *** This voice recorder is a product by the andlabs GbR, Munich, Germany. For any requests, please e-mail us. You are also invited to visit our website at In case you find any bugs or need new features in the AL Voice Recorder, please e-mail us."

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