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AeroMIDI uses the Leap Motion Controller to track your fingers in space allowing you to play configurable 3D cubes to trigger notes and CC MIDI messages using any MIDI software or MIDI hardware. To get started, just plug the Leap Motion controller into a USB port. Load and install the AeroMIDI software and start up some MIDI software or an external synthesizer. AeroMIDI is the virtual 3D glue between your synths and your fingers. In minutes you’ll be creating music using only your fingers.



Virtual 3D MIDI controller software utilizing the Leap Motion Controller

Translate your finger movements into MIDI with incredibly low latency

Play notes by moving fingers into 3D cubes

Configurable 3D cubes let you build your own custom controller interface.

Simultaneously control MIDI expression parameters in the 3 dimensions (left to right, front to back and top to bottom)

10 fingers in X, Y and Z gives you a total of 30 simultaneous controllers!

Works with any MIDI software or MIDI hardware

Windows 7+

Use examples include:

Starting and stopping (re-triggering) music loops.

Cueing up tracks

Controlling any synthesizer or effect parameters such as resonance, glide or a dubstep wobble.

Control MIDI enabled lighting equipment.

Playing notes and chords

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This app is only intended for use with a Leap Motion controller. A free trial version is available here:

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