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"Advanced Search for Spotify-Users Possible to add several search-tags Categories: * Artist * Album * Track * Year * Genre Attributes: * AND * NOT * OR If Spotify is Not started, there might be a small delay first Search, depending on "Offline Mode", Just back out of Spotify and once again press Search Button. Tip for Year-Search. You can set Intervalls like 1995-1996 0000-1995 1997-9999 I think It ́s obvious what it does :-) Example: Want to search for Artist "Bruce" But NOT "Springsteen" Between Years 1988-2005 But NOT 1999-2001 String will look like this spotify:search:artist:bruce+NOT+artist:springsteen+AND+year:1988-2005+NOT+year:1999-2001 As you see we can add several Search-Tags"

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