9,999 Ringtones Uncensored Musical Ringtone Creator


by No Tie, LLC


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Create 100% unique uncensored singing Caller ID ringtones for every contact using musical voices. (Consider our other free apps with traditional voices or pro for 40 voices.) You type, it talks. Plus combine Intro Sound FX. Type several lines of text to create any message you want. iPhone users can use ringtones as alarm clock alerts so you can have a message like 'Chris, wake up, it is time to take your sleeping pills.' Whatever your name, whomever is calling, there's a ringtone for that. You type, it talks & voila. Your own custom text-to-speech ringtone. It's like talking caller ID. Just type: 1) A unique ID (email address recommended) so you can download your 100% original custom ringtones. 2) Your message ("Batman, Commissioner Gordon is calling and he needs your help, again." etc.) Next, select from a variety of fun text-to-speech voices and Sound FX to use as a way to 'get your attention'. Touch create and our server (Internet required) will create a custom ringtone in iPhone .m4r as well as MP3 formats. This way, you can use your new custom ringtones with other phones. You can share your ringtones via twitter or email. Create a ringtone for your friends' phones for when you call them. Download ringtones using you Mac or PC by visiting www.AutoRingtone.com. Enter the same ID (email address recommended) that you typed when you ran the app. Please consider pro version to get 40 voices and 200 Sound FX. Includes musical voices - Chimes, Organic, and Synthesizer plus musical sound effects.

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