2-Way Voice Call Recorder


by qianjun


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The best voice and call recorder that support non-speakerphone 2-way recording. It is one the applications in mobile internet, with world leading core technology. We are confident that there is no other software that can achieve same level of function. Please be noted that there are many models of Android cellphone (Compare to limited model of iphone), and we are striving to make sure our software can work for most of Android cellphone. However, it will have compatibility problem occasionally. Please don't over criticizes us for this unavoidable problem. We highly appreciate your support on our efforts to make this software world recognized. This software support different recording modes, such as Internal Recording, HD Recording, Normal Recording, etc. It also supports voice mailbox, voice message, recording search, sorting, and auto back up to Gmail. To benefit a broader customers, we offer free version (which records up to 60 seconds) with same functionality with paid version. This is a great way for you test our software before you finally purchase it. Please bear in mind that root right is required to use Internal Recording and HD Recording. We can help our paid version users to get the root right for free. For the incoming call pop up interface, you can set it on/off in the menu. For auto backup, you need to have an Gmail account, and set your ID and password manually. It requires data service (which might be additional cost for you) from your wireless carrier. The default mode for auto backup is disabled, and you are encouraged to backup manually. The software support english,chinese,Korean?Japanese.

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